Who is already involved?

Make your mark by being a part of Milton Keynes history in this major public portrait.

Your face and the faces of your colleagues printed permanently on steel.

Photograph by Colin Bridges, MK Citizen

Special photography sessions will capture the portraits, these will then be arranged by the artist and printed onto steel panels. The panels will be arranged in a ring of steel around the open concourse of the stadium.

“As a football fan, I am frequently unimpressed by new stadium architecture – they seem to me to be cheap, breezeblock stadiums, but when I turned up I was gob-smacked.”

Gordon Young

Thinking of taking part in the Ring of Steel project? You are in fine company. Here are just a few of the companies already lining up to take their place in the Ring of Steel.

  • thecentre:mk
  • English Partnerships
  • Buckingham Group

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